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We are happy to offer grooming for your pets! Our stylist takes pride in her work and can cut and style your cat or dog's coat according to breed standards and the latest pet styles. All canine grooming sessions include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and styling. All feline sessions include nail trim, ear cleaning, and styling. Pet grooming is a very specialized service and business. All pets are handled patiently and lovingly to make their grooming experience pleasurable.

We can provide a special bath using a medicated shampoo. Medicated shampoo treatments are available for an additional charge. Most boarding customers request our “Go Home Fresh” spruce-up service for their pets to make sure that first welcome home hug is memorable. Call us or ask for details.

We offer an array of grooming services. Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please call us at 231-587-0520 to schedule an appointment. We highly recommend scheduling in advance to guarantee availability. Feel free to stop by any time during grooming business hours to meet our groomer and check out our facility.

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Meet Our Groomer

Nicole Jankowski